Kids Crowns

Kids Crowns

Many times if your child has extensive cavities, tooth colored fillings are not enough and crowns are necessary. As fillings can patch a tooth together, stainless steel crowns or silver crowns have been the gold standard for pediatric dentistry. We see this especially from babies sleeping with a bottle/sippy cup or children drinking lots of soda or juices. Our doctors offers your child a tooth colored alternative to stainless steel crowns for the front teeth knowing that some insurances limit us to the silver ones.

Why Fix Cavities on Baby Teeth ?

There are three HUGE reasons:

1. Your Child's self-esteem: Your child smiles for pictures and meeting family and friends. We often hear about kids covering their mouths or not smiling for pictures; but after treatment with our white crowns, their confidence improves in school and they love to smile for the camera!

2. Baby teeth do not fall out all at once: Front teeth stay till 6 or 7 years old and Baby molars till 12 years old. Your child's baby teeth must be fixed to prevent pain and facial swelling or infection. Remember that baby teeth are much smaller than adult teeth and cavities quickly get to the nerve and cause pain and infection.

3. Baby teeth help guide permanent teeth and retain space to reduce the need for braces and prevent speech problems. Dr.Langha recommends 'Sleep-Dentistry' for kids.