What Are Invisalign Braces?

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Invisalign is a custom-made system of clear, plastic teeth aligners. They are completely
undetectable so no one knows you’re wearing them.                      
Invisalign - Invisalign Aligner
We will take impressions and photos of your teeth and then a set of aligners will be created, based on your mouth’s exact measurements and desired results. We can even give you a digital image of what your teeth will look like, before treatment begins.

How Invisalign Works?

Invisalign braces work in a unique way. The plastic trays that are created are designed to be swapped out every few weeks. These aligner trays slowly and painlessly move your teeth into the desired positions. Most people visit us about every six weeks for a check-up. Most appointments are a quick in and out visit to simply check on your progress.

Although the trays are designed to be worn the majority of your days and nights, it is recommended that you take them out when eating, drinking or brushing your teeth.

Over half a million Americans have taken advantage of Invisalign.  Taking advantage of Invisalign braces can also help prevent serious dental concerns such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. Be sure to ask us how.
Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Invisalign offers a number of advantages over traditional metal braces including:
  • Comfort
  • Easy care
  • Fewer appointments
  • virtually invisible treatment
  • No food restrictions


At Smile Profile Family Dental, we offer affordable Invisalign treatments so that everyone can obtain a beautiful smile. Our Invisalign costs are comparable to, and sometimes less than, traditional metal braces, equally effective, and offer a number of advantages.

We offer the best price on Invisalign treatment in Katy/Houston and Richmond area. Smile Profile Family Dental will meet or beat any reasonable Invisalign fee without cutting service or results. During your initial consultation, we will discuss whether Invisalign is right for you and provide you with payment options based on your unique needs, insurance, and budget.

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