Dentures And Partial Dentures

At Smile Profile Dental, Dr. Kahlon strives to create fantastic dentures to give the people of Katy as well as Houston, Sealy and Brookshire area back their smile. Whether you need to replace an old denture or are having one made for the first time, Dr. Kahlon and his team work hard so that you get the best new teeth possible.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures, or healing dentures, are made to wear after dental surgery. They are usually made from new molds taken of your mouth but can possibly be made from a current partial denture. Immediate dentures not only give you a smile that you can take home but also act as a band-aid to help your mouth heal after surgery.

Dr. Kahlon may also recommend an immediate dentures to help you adapt to dentures while the mouth heals by training your tongue and lips to adjust. As you recover from your surgery, the dentures may need a soft liner placed to ensure a better fit as your gums adjust. After a few months of healing, however, immediate dentures will need to be replaced with a new, better custom denture.

Custom Full Denture

Dr. Kahlon fabricates our custom full dentures with high-quality acrylic and beautiful, strong teeth. We create our dentures from tough, stain resistant materials so that they can last for many years. While we want your denture to be durable, it shouldn't come at the price of beauty. To ensure that you like your smile, we offer a try in so that you can approve the final look and make sure that it is right for you.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are dentures that are supported by your teeth and your gums. They are a great way to restore your smile and can help you chew better. 

Cast Partial Dentures

Cast partial dentures are made from a strong, light, and thin metal base that latches onto existing teeth and uses acrylic and denture teeth to give a natural look . These partials brace the teeth and can help improve the health of remaining teeth and gums. If well maintained, they can provide many years of service.

Acrylic Partial Dentures

Acrylic partial dentures are best used to replace one or two teeth. They offer great esthetics and blend well with the natural teeth. While they are weaker and thicker than cast partials, acrylic partials can have teeth added more easily in case that a tooth is lost in the future. They can also be possibly converted into an immediate denture in the future if needed.

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