Dental Implants

How does the Dental Implant procedure work?

Dental Implants are typically placed in Five (5) Steps

Step 1- Your dentist removes the broken or decayed tooth if it is still present and securely anchors the metal implant to your jawbone. You will receive a temporary tooth to cover the implant site. 

Step 2 - Over the next 12 weeks your gums will heal and new bone will form around the implant, securing it permanently in place. 

Step 3- We will then expose the implants and use locators to take an impression for your custom abutments. 

Step 4- We will place the custom abutment and take final impressions for your permanent tooth (crown) 

Step 5- Your dentist will place your permanent tooth (crown)

Implants are similar to tooth roots and are composed of titanium that are placed into your bone. Your bone is allowed to grow into and around the implant(s) to make them permanently fixed into the bone. The bone is given several months to heal and integrate well around the implant. Implants are used to replace missing teeth via crowns, bridges or dentures to increase biting ability and stability. The restorations are placed on top of the implants to make them look like natural teeth. Come in today at Smile Profile Dental and see if you are a candidate for implants!


Here are some good informative videos about Implant Dentistry: WATCH IMPLANT VIDEOS